Team up around your entire design process in UXPin. Share prototypes, leave comments, get feedback, and handoff to developers in one place. 

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Available on Windows, Mac and in a browser.

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Work from home and share your designs online. Now your projects are available for everyone on Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Try it now.

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Sketch import

Turn your designs from static artboards to fully-interactive prototypes that your team can easily access online. Just drag and drop your Sketch files to UXPin. Try it now.

Real-time co-design

Use a common workspace to edit together. Stay connected to your team just as you were in the same room and make sure you keep deadlines. Try it now.

Version history

Iterations available in UXPin allow you to save your projects at any stage. Share your designs at any point and evaluate ideas with your remote team or go back to previous versions with ease. Try it now.

I chose UXPin because it alone could handle the level of collaboration I knew would be necessary to handle the complexity of our data.

Larry Sawyer, Senior UX designer at PayPal

— Larry Sawyer, Senior UX Designer,

UXPin Collaboration and browser-based editor
UXPin Collaboration and Sketch file import
UXPin Collaboration and Real-time co-design
UXPin Collaboration and version history

Design feedback

Have remote brainstorms and collect feedback in context thanks to comments. Just leave a note on the design and assign it to a teammate – your remote work can’t get easier.

Share components, colors, assets, or text styles and stay on the same page. If you create a button and turn it into a component, your team can start using it on other designs right away.

Team libraries

Share your designs, collect feedback and approvals with ease on remote job. In UXPin, you can craft a perfectly streamlined approval flow with just a few clicks.

User management

Design handoff

Work towards the deadline with your entire cross-functional team. Give developers precise visual specs of the components to boost your team collaboration.

UXPin Collaboration and team design
UXPin Collaboration and design feedback
UXPin Collaboration and team libraries
UXPin Collaboration and User management
UXPin Collaboration and design handoff
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Available on Windows, Mac and in a browser.
UXPin Collaboration and team design
UXPin Collaboration and team design